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Couperose and Rosacea – the dangers of broken capillaries 

.There are many types of skin conditions based on lifestyle and heredity needs. The best bet is to consult a certified doctor or dermatologist to arrow on the problem and suggest a treatment.

Couperose is a common condition which causes the skin, particularly around the face and neck to appear flushed and red. This is due to the visible presence of tiny dilated red blood vessels and poor elasticity of capillaries wall.  When this happens, the skin experience persistence redness, tightness and dryness.

Rosacea is similar with the possibility of excessive inflammation and slightly bumpy skin. These bumps may appear in the form of persistent yellow or red bumps and are usually itchy and burning.














Commonly Asked Questions

What skin types that Couperose and Rosacea can commonly be found in?

Typically, those with fair skin are at higher risks.

Can couperose and rosacea go away on their own?

At present, the cause is questionable and there are no proven cures. On a typical note, rosacea affects the skin on facial and neck areas and flare-ups occurs in a cycle. While symptoms can persist for weeks or months at a go, they die down before returning.

What problems can Couperose and Rosacea escalate to? 

Skin thickening, commonly around the nose and eye irritation may happen. This condition develops primarily in men. Fortunately a spectrum of solutions such as laser or surgery is available to fight the symptoms.

What skincare products are appropriate to use for rosacea-prone skin?

As the skin of rosacea sufferers may be sensitive and easily irritated, patients have to avoid products that can burn or sting the skin. Products containing witch hazel, peppermint, salicylic acid, exfoliating beads and astringents should not be used.

Patients are also susceptible to sun damage and consequential flare-ups hence sunblock is very crucial. As chemical sunblock might cause irritation, zinc or titanium dioxide is an effective ingredient when choosing the right product.

Gangnam Aesthetic Hydralite is a water-based hydrator, perfect for daily usage. Ginseng, gingko, rosemary and glycoproteins revitalizes while aloe vera andsu rosemary soothes and refreshes the skin. Vitamin A, C and E works wonders for radical defence.

Gangnam Aesthetic Sunscreen SPF30    contains UVA and UVB protection to provide the best coverage for indoors or outdoors activities. Not only is it light on the skin and non-cosmogenic, it is also formulated with Z-Cote micronized zinc oxide.

What are the triggers?

It is best to identify these triggers and then avoid these food groups.

  • Spicy food
  • Hot drinks or food
  • Caffeine or alcohol
  • Dairy products
  • Hot baths/ saunas
  • Extreme temperature and humidity

Self-measures you can take to alleviate Rosacea

  • Use natural skincare products.
  • Sun protection is crucial – A minimum of SPF 30+
  • Gentle daily facial massage can help to reduce swelling and inflammation- slow rubs with shorter strokes in circular motion starting from the central part of the face towards the ears.
  • Manage stress levels


Medicinal Treatments

Although there is no known cure for rosacea or couperose, a combination of medications, treatments and lifestyle changes can give the best results.

Prescription topical medication can reduce redness caused by rosacea by constricting blood vessels. However, effects are temporary and medication needs to be applied regularly.

Oral antibiotics can also be taken to reduce bacteria, hence fighting inflammation. Isotretinoin speeds up the clearance of acne-like lesions of rosacea, however carries side effects when taken in the long run.



Clinical Treatments (offered by Gangnam Laser Clinic)

Q-switched – Laser therapy can reduce the redness of enlarged blood vessels by emitting wavelengths of light and heat that destroys the lining of inflamed and visible blood vessels.

Co2 Laser – Removes the unwanted tissues and reshapes the nose by draining excess water beneath the tissues.

IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light) – One of the more effective treatments, IPL generates multiple wavelengths to create a broader spectrum of tissue.  The cells get heated up and then collapsed before the body naturally flushes them out. As such, healthy skin cells remain and flushing is greatly reduced. Results can last for months or years after the IPL treatment.

Depending on the severity of Rosacea symptoms, treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart are recommended.

It is important to find a doctor who is experienced and skilled in the areas of dermatology and can tailor treatment to your specific condition and needs. Gangnam Laser Clinic has been devotedly treating patients since 2015.

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